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Antihistamines. I'm surprised no-one in Boots could work out what you were asking for, though. Diphenhydramine is more commonly marketed here as an OTC sleep aid rather than an anti-allergy, due to its drowsiness. If you particularly want this one it's sold in Boots a 'Sleep-Eze'. We more commonly use loratadine or cetirizine for seasonal allergies.


I’m guessing they asked retail staff rather than the in-store pharmacist




I think we actually have one called benadryl


UK benadryl has different compounds in it compared to the US one.


Yep you'd have to go to the pharmacy counter and speak to a pharmacist for that, there won't be any on the shelves where you just pick things up.


Antihistamines is what we call them in the UK but if you go into any chemist (pharmacy) or boots or Holland and Barratt etc and ask for "Hayfever tablets" they'll give you what you ask for. To the average person in the UK "allergy" medicine is specific to each person because we don't use "allergies" as a blanket term for hay-fever. Allergies can mean any number of things but hay-fever means pollen to us.


Piriton is a good brand for allergic reactions - bee stings, hives, pollen too I think. You can get it in both tablet and liquid form


But no better than unbranded antihistamines which are 1/3rd the price for 3x more tablets! Edit: whoops, had this confused with Piriteze


Pro-tip: Other than sleep-eze and Nytol, you can get diphenhydramine over the counter in Benylyn original cough syrup. About £5 for a bottle.


You can buy Benadryl here.


Allergy to what? I use antihistamines for my cat allergy but I think they work for hay fever too?


We have Benadryl over here too so I’m surprised they couldn’t figure it out


If you need to use it regularly then I would look at ordering in bulk online - it will save you a fortune. For example - A 12 pack of branded cetirizine can cost £4 in the shop. I pay just over £5 for 180 tablets from Amazon.


B&M sells 30 for £1 aswell


Claritin is the best I've used if you suffer from hayfever, dust, fur allergies etc. Ask for antihistamines and give those geniuses at Boots a good slap for being a bit thick. Edit: Pronounce anti as an-tea, not an-tie just to be on the safe side.


Did you ask at the pharmacy counter? I’d be surprised if they had never heard of it. Diphenhydramine exists here, but it’s usually marketed more for sleep (Nytol) than allergy. There are plenty of similar antihistamines marketed for allergy though, the non-sedating ones (Cetirizine, Loratadine) are usually most common but if you ask at any pharmacy they will be able to help you.


Sudafed (Pseudoephedrine) works for me as a decongestant during hay fever season. Legal over the counter in the UK. For general anti-allergy: Cetrizine Loratadine Fexofenadine Or even Piriton (Chlorphenamine maleate) If you want short-term relief and a nap. Nasal sprays and eye drops work too. You'll find a pharmacist will be very helpful, based on your symptoms. Don't be shocked if they ask about other medications and history. They have a private room if needed.


Promethazine is a very common one, you can buy it over the counter. It’s also used in mental health for anxiety and insomnia, just in case that’s why you wanted it.


Don’t use it, it’s been linked to dementia.


What hasn't been linked to dementia at this point?


I know. Every time I open my tablet I see something new. But ask your doctor. This has a serious proven link.